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Welcome to the RosePost, the first subscription box focused on discovering the best in clean rose-infused beauty! RosePose was created out of my passion (obsession, really!) for natural rose oil beauty care. Growing up in Bulgaria - a small country often referred to as the Land of Roses for its centuries-old tradition in producing the best Rosa Damascena essential oil in the world - rose oil was everywhere. Enchanted by the heavenly aroma and looking for a natural remedy for my sensitive skin, rose water and rose oil were indispensable to my skincare routine. After moving to the U.S., and unable to find the same quality and variety of rose-infused skincare, I continued to acquire my favorite products directly from the Rose Valley producers I knew, also discovering new, artisan (North America-based) brands along the way. RosePost Box is a way to share my passion with others, who are as enchanted by roses and as intrigued by the benefits of rose oil as I am, and who want to discover clean, plant-powered beauty care. 

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The most precious and complex among essential oils, rose oil is not only a potent skin rejuvenator with its astringent, moisturizing and regenerating properties, it is also used in aromatherapy to uplift, soothe and promote vitality and energy. RosePost is on a mission to make this queen of essential oils a part of your beauty routine by discovering ingredient-conscious beauty, featuring the finest rose oil and and purest rosewater, from the most renowned rose oil producing places in the world.  As we embark on this adventure, we are thrilled to share our experience, passion for discovery and curation of clean, cruelty-free rose-infused beauty with you. We promise to only include those hand-selected products that we've carefully vetted, used and love! 

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