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by Mariana N., October 2, 2017

With increased awareness and demand for more natural and ingredient-conscious beauty care, there’s been increased attention to the power of botanicals and the rose – this queen of flowers – is taking a central stage and experiencing, what some call, a major renaissance. (read more)

by Mariana N., October 9, 2017

Always on the lookout for clean and cruelty-free, effective, rose-infused beauty, I stumbled across Rosemira Organics by chance and was immediately intrigued by the story of the founder Dr. Mira Herman and her formulations, many featuring rose essential oil. (read more)

by Mariana N., October 23, 2017

I’ve tried enough rose-based products and brands to know when I’ve found a true, star-quality, rose-infused skincare line– which is the case with Alteya Organics'. After using a few of Alteya’s skincare products consistently over the last three months, I can whole-heartedly say that I’m in love! (read more)

by Mariana N., November 1, 2017

We are so excited to reveal our first RosePost Box, Fall 2017 edition, themed 'Nourish'! With cooler and drier weather, the skin needs deeper hydration and nourishment. Discover a curated collection of pure, plant-powered, high-vibration rose-infused beauty products to nourish, feed and replenish your skin. (read more).

by Mariana N., November 7, 2017

Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory, the benefits of rose water are well-known, but they go beyond beautifying the skin. For centuries, pure distilled rose water has been used as an ingredient in desserts, beverages and even savory dishes in various cuisines around the world, such as Morocco, the Middle East and India. (read more)

by Mariana N., November 17, 2017

We all love going to a spa and getting the multi-step facial where it all begins with a proper steam to open up the pores and draw out all the dirt, to nicely prep the skin before applying any treatment. Having a good facial steam is a beneficial step in your routine and I'm happy to see that this well-known self-care ritual has regained its popularity lately.  (read more)

RosePost Blog, Rose Skincare, Elaa Skincare Rose Quartz Body Oil

by Mariana N., December 2, 2017

The minute I opened the box sent from Jill Stacey, the founder of Elaa Skincare, I knew this was a different and truly special rose-infused beauty discovery. From the minimalist and elegant packaging to the intoxicating scents captured in each of her beautiful creations, it was a luxurious treat for all senses.  (read more)

RosePost Blog, Rose Skincare, Rose Oil Uses, Rose Oil in Beauty Routine

by Mariana N., December 14, 2017

Considered one of the most exquisite, therapeutic and beneficial essential oils in the world, Rose Oil (otto) is widely used and valued in aromatherapy, skincare and fine perfumery. If you are lucky enough to find pure, authentic rose oil, here are 13 easy ways to incorporate it into your beauty & self-care routine.  (read more)

RosePost Blog, Rose Skincare, Rose Sugar Cookies, Rose Chocolate Sugar Cookies, Rose Food

by Mariana N., December 24, 2017

What is Christmas without the sweet, warm scent of sugar cookies? Sugar cookies have been a tradition at our house for a few years now and I love that they are easy enough to get the kids involved. This year, I wanted a recipe that didn’t require chilling the dough and found one that turned out just perfect. In addition to the classic version, I decorated some of the cookies with a rose-chocolate glaze for a colorful, flavorful festive twist.  (read more)

RosePost Blog, Rose Skincare, Rose Beauty, Rose-infused beauty, RosePost Winter Box

by RosePost Box, February 6, 2018

We are excited to officially reveal the Winter '18 RosePost Box, themed 'Nurture'! The new year is here with new goals, plans and opportunities, and the harsh winter weather at its peak. Your skin and body need extra nurturing, care and protection during this season, and... definitely some rose gold shimmer. Our clean and cruelty-free rose-infused Winter collection is all about nurturing beauty, self-care and love for YOU. (read more) 

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