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ARMINA BIO is an independent family-owned European brand, with fields in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley, that specializes in organic botanical and essential oils, and flower waters. ARMINA's philosophy 'Authentic. Organic. With Cause'  is reflected in all aspects of the company - from fields to products. All its fields and manufacturing processes are controlled and organic certified, following strict European beauty standards. All of the essential oils and flower water are certified by Austria Bio Garantie and NATRUE. The products are free of GMO, as well as synthetic chemicals, colourants, and flavors.

The organic flower waters are produced 100% by direct steam distillation, retaining the very essence of the plant when it was still growing. No use of additional chemical preservatives. Organic, fragrant and pure, they are a treat for the skin and emotions.

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Organic Rose Water – Rosa Damascena by Armina Bio

100 ml dark glass spray bottle - $15.00

This 100% organic Bulgarian rose water is a pure gem for your skin. The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena is widely known because of its strong and sensual scent. ARMINA rose water is made by direct steam distillation from the blooms of Rosa Damascena Mill. The delicate rose petals are handpicked before sunrise. This is how the most beautiful scent is preserved. ARMINA’s rose water contains many delicate drops of organic essential oil that have a beneficial effect on the skin. It is suitable for dry and sensitive, as well as for normal to combination skin. Re-establishes the balance of the skin and regulates the pH level.

  • Scent: Velvety, flowery
  • Effect: Soothing, harmonizing, anti-depressive, consoling
  • Use: For aromatherapy and cosmetic use. Spray on cotton pad wipe the face, neck and décolletage. 
  • Storage: Keep in a cool place and dark place. No preservatives used.

Ingredients: Organic Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Hydrosol


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