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Let Your Skin Bloom with These Rose-Infused Skincare Treats - Revealing Spring '19 RosePost Box

May 24, 2019

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Let Your  - Revealing the Winter Box '19 RosePost Box

The magic of Spring is undeniable - blooming with new colors and scents, inspiring, hopeful! Let your skin and mind bloom with RosePost Box Spring '19 'Bloom' collection of fragrant, refreshing rose-infused skincare treats, meant to revive and awaken the skin, to reveal a smoother complexion and restore that natural glow! Discover the aroma and benefits of real rose ingredients, complemented with other powerful botanicals such as rosehip, geranium, lavender, chamomile that will altogether uplift the senses. Read more to discover why we love these amazing rose-infused skincare products - all clean and cruelty-free, from beautiful women- and family-run independent brands. 

Goddess Clay Exfoliant by ESSENTIAL ROSE LIFE, 1 oz. Glass Jar I $32 MSRP

Exfoliation is key to healthy skin and it is especially important when seasons change. This ultra-gentle, soft-grain exfoliating facial mask returns the skin to its natural, renewed radiance, while restoring the senses. Mild and great for all skin types, white and rose clays help detoxify and cleanse the skin. Rosehip seed powder - high in vitamin C - and oat flour soothe and gently exfoliate. Essentials oils of Rosa Damascena and Rose Geranium hydrate and tone the skin, creating a beautiful, uplifting scent. We love how soft and plump the skin feels after applying this clay mask.  The suggested mantra to use and help you feel vibrant and restored is "I reveal the Queen I am within". You will feel like a Goddess, treating yourself with this clean rose-infused luxury! One of our long-time partners, Essential Rose Life is a woman-run mood balancing beauty brand, promoting inner and outer beauty, self-confidence and self-acceptance.

Vegan I Clean I Cruelty Free I Fair Trade  Discover more: 

Rosa Pretiosa Natural Face Cream by NATURAL COSMETIC, 30 ml. Jar I $39 MSRP

Light, ultra-moisturizing, with a dreamy rose scent (both rose flower water and rosa damascena oil are used in the formula), the Rosa Pretiosa Natural Face Cream is a treat for thirsty skin. A long-time customer favorite featured in a few special edition boxes, we wanted to give this jewel the spotlight by including it in our spring collection. Perfect for everyday use, the combination of active botanicals - rose water, rose oil, argan, macadamia, and almond oils - is moisturizing, regenerating and softening on the skin. High in vitamin C, fenugreek seed extract gives the skin a beautiful glow. We can't get enough of the velvety, sorbet-like texture that soaks in and feels like silk on the skin, leaving it plump, smooth and luminous! One of our long-time partners, Natural Cosmetic is an established family-owned European brand, specialized in creating skincare with high-quality essential and vegetable oils. The Rosa Pretiosa line contains organic Bulgarian rose oil, distilled in a way that preserves its rich nutrients, antioxidant and regenerative properties.

No Silicone I No Parabens I No SLS I Cruelty Free I EU Made Discover more: or 

Organic Rose Cleansing Milk by BADGER BALM, 4 oz Glass Bottle I $19.99 MSRP

The newest addition to Badger Balm Damascus Rose line, this cleansing milk is everything you would want in a mild, gentle and non-drying, yet effective cleanser. The creamy texture, delicately scented with the essential oil of Rosa Damascena grown and hand picked in Bulgaria, is perfect for removing makeup and impurities as part of your daily routine; it's also great as a first-thing-in-the-morning skincare step. Organic Aloe, Chamomile, Lavender and Rosehip help soothe, calm and nourish even the most sensitive skin. You skin is left feeling cleansed, fresh and hydrated! Badger Balm is an established family-owned, family-operated and family-friendly company based in New Hampshire, focused on creating safe, plant-powered products to soothe, heal and protect your body.

Certified Cruelty Free I Gluten Free I Non-GMO I No Alcohol I Fair Trade Ingredients Discover more:

This spring, be inspired by nature, indulge in the magic and beauty of roses and fragrant botanicals, and let your skin bloom!

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