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RosePost Limited Edition Holiday Box, RosePost Box, Limited Edition Box

RosePost Limited Edition Holiday Box 2017

Feel pampered and indulge your senses this holiday season with our Limited Edition RosePost Box, available for pre-order now through December 15th, or while supplies last. Boxes begin shipping December 11th.

Curated with love and meticulous attention, our first Limited Edition box will feature truly luxurious and special rose-infused beauty and skincare, plus a rose-inspired lifestyle item. All are eco-conscious from independent, artisan U.S. and European brands, with a value of over $85. 

See the products detailed below. There will be an extra treat included in the box - HazerBaba's Rose Petals Turkish Delight.


All Natural, Toxin Free, Chemical Free, Cruelty Free, Fair Trade and Vegan


Price: $58

Shipping: Free shipping in U.S. and $11.95 in Canada*


*Plus applicable customs / international duty fees

Note: This is a one-time Limited Edition box and not part of the quarterly subscription.


Each Limited Edition Box Will Include...

RosePost Limited Edition Holiday Box

Elaa Skincare Rose Quartz Restoring Body Oil (Value $49)

100ml Miron Glass Bottle with Rose Quartz Crystal inside.

Experience the power of gem stone crystal skin care with this luxurious body oil, crafted in small batches with organic anti-aging oils, nutrients and essential oils. Indulge in the intoxicating, dreamy scent of rose and vanilla absolutes. 

RosePost Limited Edition Holiday Box

Infused with Rose Quartz Crystals - the crystal of love and self-esteem - each bottle has a few tiny pieces of rose quartz inside. Rejuvenating and restoring, the oil tones and firms the skin, and is ultra-hydrating and deeply nourishing. 

Elaa Skincare is women-owned.

RosePost Limited Edition Holiday Box

Revival Body Care Rose & Vanilla + Sugar Lip Scrub

(Value $7.95)

Made with fair trade sugar, organic coconut oil, jojoba and almond oils, this lip scrub is good enough to eat. The pure rose absolute softens and heals chapped lips, while the vanilla essential oil calms and protects the delicate skin. There is a touch of peppermint for a 'cool' twist and a fresh note to the floral scent. Lips are left perfectly smooth and deeply hydrated. In a convenient 1 oz. glass container.

Revival Body Care is women-owned.

RosePost Limited Edition Holiday Box

Lema Bulgaria Natural Rose Oil, 0.5 ml (Value $21)

When was the last time you held 1,000 roses in the palm of your hand? 

Lema's 100% Natural Rose Oil (otto) is steam distilled from the fresh petals of Rosa Damascena (damask) roses, grown in the Bulgarian Rose Valley, near the town of Kazanlak. The rose oil is a highly concentrated clear liquid with a sweet, slightly spicy, rich floral scent. In a glass vial, presented in a traditional, hand-painted wooden casting, with a wax seal - a symbol of its quality and authenticity. Each 0.5 ml of oil is obtained from about a 1,000 roses!

RosePost Limited Edition Holiday Box

Considered one of the most precious and beneficial essential oils in the world, Rose Oil is used in aromatherapy, skin care and fine perfumery for its restoring, healing, antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

In aromatherapy, it inspires happiness and emotional stability; it comforts, calms and strengthens the mind; it helps with women's hormonal imbalances; it is a natural aphrodisiac. Mix a few drops with bath salts for a relaxing bath. Add a drop to your facial steam or moisturizer to detox and rejuvenate the skin. Mix rose oil with a carrier oil of your choice to make a beautiful essential oil perfume.*

Lema Bulgaria is family-owned. 

*Suggested uses, for educational purposes only. Never use essential oil undiluted & directly on the skin. If pregnant, consult a physician before use. There are ~ 10 drops in 0.5 ml oil.

RosePost Limited Edition Holiday Box

Rose Quartz Mini Self-Care Kit (Value $6.95)

This RosePost Box exclusive self-care kit contains natural Rose Quartz, earth mined from Madagascar and dried Rosa Damascena petals, sourced from Morocco.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and compassion, including self-love. Rosa Damascena is calming and rejuvenating. Use these high-vibration elements to enhance and positively charge your daily well-being and self-care rituals.

A RosePost Box exclusive item, made in the US.


Price: $55

Shipping: U.S. $5.95 and Canada $11.95*

*RosePost is not responsible for any applicable customs or international duty taxes

Note: This is a one-time limited edition box and not part of the quarterly subscription

Then: Choose the one-time RosePost box option - same quality and meticulous curation!