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Niche, natural rose-infused beauty products, curated and delivered quarterly


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Reveal: RosePost Spring '18 Box 'Revive'

by RosePost, May 4, 2018

We are excited to officially reveal the Spring '18 RosePost Box, themed 'Revive'! This Spring, take time to stop and smell the roses! Spring is a symbol of new beginnings, a time of blooming flowers and reviving nature everywhere. With warmer weather and more humidity, this is also a time when the skin can look dull and feel tired from the heavier product use in the colder months. Our clean and cruelty-free rose-infused Spring beauty collection will help quench and revive dull skin, improve its texture, tone and healthy glow. The special aromatherapy oil will uplift your mood and open the heart, awakening your body and mind to the blooming new life all around - for a happy, beautiful YOU! Now, on to the collection, valued at over $95, and to learning more about the inspiring women-founded brands behind it.

Wild Rose Clay Mask by From Molly With Love , sugg. retail $25.66

From the minimalist packaging to the dreamy petal pink color and pure ingredients, this clay mask is a must-have for Spring. French rose clay, bentonite clay, rose absolute and lavender oil offer an effective yet gentle detox, drawing out impurities, alleviating redness and gently polishing the surface to reveal silky smooth, glowing skin. Mix with water or rose hydrosol to customize. Vegan and cruelty-free. From Molly With Love is a women-founded and run independent beauty brand with an inspiring story.  Discover more: 

Argan Oil Infused Lip Balm in Rose by Moroccan Magic, sugg. retail $4.99

Made with a handful of organic ingredients, this is the smoothest, silkiest lip balm that will keep your lips hydrated for hours. The divine aroma of rose essential oil is subtle, beautiful, and just right. Woman-founded, Moroccan Magic makes USDA certified organic lip balm, infused with 100% pure argan oil and essential oils. Find this clean lip balm nationwide at CVS, Whole Foods, Beth, Bath & Beyond and independent retailers. Discover more:

Indulge Mood Oil by Essential Rose Life, sugg. retail $25

Going beyond outer beauty to promote a total mind-body-beauty ritual, this is the perfect aromatherapy oil to carry with you this Spring. Essential oils of rose, cardamom, rose geranium, ginger and vetiver - in a base of golden jojoba - create a sensual and invigorating blend of floral and spicy notes that warms, stimulates, and balances the senses. Roll onto wrists, neck, behind the ears and inhale, indulging in the aroma, opening the heart and welcoming a sense of balance. A mood-balancing beauty and lifestyle brand, Essential Rose Life is woman-owned, creating small-batch, sustainable, fragrance- and preservative-free products. Discover more: 

Amethyst Moisturizing Facial Serum by Hristina Cosmetics' SM Crystal Collection, sugg. retail $27

Formulated with amethyst powder and white rose extract, this serum is a Spring skincare staple that will help with tissue regeneration (the silicon in the amethyst is key to the protection of collagen and elastin) for a healthy, glowing skin. Jojoba, aloe vera, white rose, macadamia and wheat germ oil help revitalize and improve skin’s radiance, while providing continuous moisturization. Great for layering, the light formula sinks right in, and is especially beneficial for sensitive skin. Hristina Cosmetics is a family-owned, established European natural beauty company, founded more than 20 years ago, with a range of niche, targeted brands. Discover more: and now select items available in our Shop.

Rose Micellar Cleansing Water by Hristina Cosmetics, sugg. retail $14

Long popular in Europe, micellar water consists of micelles - tiny cleansing oil molecules suspended in water that attract dirt on contact with skin - that cleanse rinse-free, without drying the skin and disturbing the natural pH. Just released, this eco formula consists of 80% rose flower water and is enriched with avocado oil, bisabolol (chamomile oil) and hyaluronic acid for an effective, yet gentle way to remove makeup, and cleanse in one easy step. Just apply on a cotton pad and cleanse. Leaving the skin super soft and moisturized, it's nourishing for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Discover more: and now select items available in our Shop.

*The Spring '18 box has sold out. New subscriptions will start with the Summer '18 box.